Our Commitments

Aureliean jewellery is made by highly skilled, passionate and talented individuals who all share founder Elizabeth Harrison’s passion for jewellery, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. Aureliean creates jewellery that is made to last, and is careful in selecting the right partners and suppliers to realise these ideals. Each mirrors Aureliean’s own corporate values and must adhere to its strict social responsibility policy.  

The gemstones Aureliean uses are sourced from the best gem-producing regions of the world, with each carefully selected for its colour, clarity and beauty. In line with the brand’s ethical policies, diamonds are only sourced from countries compliant with the Kimberly Process, an international certification scheme that strives to eradicate conflict diamonds. 

Aureliean is proud to support the communities from which its diamonds and gemstones come from. Each year, a percentage of the company’s profits is given back to these communities and is used to support local and government initiatives to improve the lives of the people living within them, with a particular focus on providing women in mining communities with access to healthcare and educational opportunities. 

Aureliean also supports a charity foundation, which was recently set up to help underprivileged women across the globe gain access to better healthcare and education. At home, it supports local London charities though sponsorship and gifting programmes.